We are a team of professionals that give solutions to the branding, development and communication needs of your company. A team of people who work together with our clients. A team of technicians who will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. We take all the development, design and management of projects without relying on applications or third-party services.


Juan Ant. Pozuelos Juan Ant. Pozuelos yeah!

Juan Ant. Pozuelos

CTO Web Developer


Jordi Sureda Jordi Sureda yeah!

Jordi Sureda

Graphic / Web Designer


Albert Selva Albert Selva yeah!

Albert Selva

Graphic / Web Designer


Ivan Cateura Ivan Cateura yeah!

Ivan Cateura

CM & Seo


Jordi Maynou Jordi Maynou yeah!

Jordi Maynou

Web Developer


Ningen Ningen yeah!



Effort and Commitment

We are the effective antidote to the big agencies: we develop the best projects within the timing and budget.

We deliver completely to everything we do, always giving our best and contributing our entire experience to all projects.

Service and experience

At Ladeus, more than 10 years ago, we offer a professional and transparent service, adjusted to the needs of each of our clients, with commitment and responsibility.